Yarn Pet

Nancy's Knit Knacks

The Yarn Pet is a small tool that holds your balls (or cones) of yarn and allows you to remove the yarn in an orderly manner without re-twisting the yarn. But most importantly, the knitter never has to "tug" on their ball of yarn to free up the yarn. It just magically comes off of the ball as they knit.
The ball rests on a wooden disk that freely rotates around the stainless steel rod. As the knitter knits, that simple pulling action that the needles generate is enough energy to cause the ball or cone to turn and dispense the yarn to the knitter. The yarn goes through an adjustable guide as well so the knitter can adjust the tension of the yarn as it is delivered to their needles. It all works so well you have to experience it to see how neat it really is. It will change the way that you knit insomuch that you no longer have to take valuable time to pull the yarn free of the ball which is a needless distraction (even though you have probably done this forever).
The unit comes complete with a 4" x 6" Maple Hardwood base, an adjustable guide, a stainless steel rod (3 different lengths are available), 2 shaft collars, an Allen Wrench, and a wooden disk.
Everything comes apart in less than 1 minute.

Type: Notions