Speckle & Pop! MKAL Kit

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Riotously colorful kits for the 8th annual West Knits mystery KAL called Speckle & Pop!! Each kit comes with 3 full skeins of fingering weight yarn in a fabulous fade and 5 contrasting, coordinating mini skeins. 

Kit 1: Toxic Orchid, Shrimp on the Barbie, Bertie Bots. Minis: Safety Cone, Lip Smack, Blowing Raspberries, Peacocky and Brain Freeze

Kit 2: The Upside Down, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Yellow Ochre. Minis: Da Peach Mode, Plumdiddlyumptious, Wizards Robes, Silvertongue, Ink Blot 

Kit 3: You Nasty, Hinkypunk, My Little Pony. Minis: Safety Cone, Radioactive Ooze, Blowing Raspberries, Lip Smack, Nuclear Goldfish

Kit 4: Troll Bogies, Silvertongue, Pixie Puke. Minis: Da Peach Mode, Mustard Custard, Plumdiddlyumptious, Crow, Ink Blot

Kit 5: Goblin King, My Little Pony, Bertie Botts. Minis: Brain Freeze, Peacocky, Graple, Blowing Raspberries, Lip Smack

Kit 6: Chilly Down, Ziggy Stardust, Blue Suede Shoes. Minis: Ink Blot Gradient

Kit 7: Wizards Robes, Troll Bogies, Only Forever. Minis: Mustard Custard, Radioactive Ooze, Blowing Raspberries, Graple, Crow

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