Shibori Indigo Dyeing - MAY 27


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MAY 27

Shibori, a Japanese dyeing technique from the 8th century, produces patterns using folding, tying, wrapping and dyeing. Learn how to create an indigo vat and several Shibori techniques. Each student will receive a cotton infinity scarf to dye as part of the class fee. 

Bring in two personal items* to transform including apparel or small home goods.  Ideas include a pair of napkins, a tee shirt, pillow case, a summer dress, linen pants, a scarf, a tote bag or a small table runner.  The items don’t have to be white, in fact, some of the most interesting transformations happen on items originally with a print or other color.  Loved, gently used or stained items are also a great choice.

*Note: Unfortunately large and heavy items such as bedding and rugs cannot be accommodated at this time and will not be dyed.

Check the labels of the items to make sure they are made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen or silk. Wear clothing that you do not mind getting a drip or two of indigo on.

Latex gloves will be provided but if you're allergic to latex please bring your own gloves. Open to students aged 13 and older. Other dyeables and dyeing kits will be available for purchase. 

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