PLY Magazine - Summer 2017


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The Bobbin-led and Spindle Wheel Issue

If you’re batty for bobbin-led wheels, if you’re a sucker for spindle wheels, or if your heart beats quickly for quills, this issue is for you. Enjoy the roster of your favorite spinning writers plus a few who are bound for that list as they break down bobbin-led wheels and ’splain spindle wheels, from both historical and modern views.

  • Ever felt like you couldn’t get the yarn you want from a bobbin-led wheel? We can help change that.
  • Did you know you could spin almost every fiber and yarn type on a bobbin-led wheel? It’s true, we’ll show you how!
  • Don’t have a bobbin-led wheel? We bet you do! We show you how to temporarily convert your current wheel to Irish tension and even how to convert your Irish tension wheel into a bobbin winder.

Bobbin-led wheels are good at so many things and this issue is brimming with instruction, experimentation, history, and community. Plus, there’s a pretty great shawl.

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