Katrinkles - Universal Gauge


This extremely versatile gauge has everything you could ever need in one handy tool! Holes for knitting needle sizes from 000000 to 50 are also clearly marked with metric sizes. Crochet hooks sizes B through P are etched above the hole where applicable to ensure it is universal for every type of craft. A cut out for measuring a gauge swatch has a ruler that is marked with both centimeters and inches. 

The precise holes in this gauge are laser cut from bamboo. Each piece is hand sanded after laser cutting to smooth out corners and edges. Bamboo plywood is sustainable and is stronger than wood. Your gauge won't be indestructible but can withstand more than a needle gauge made of birch. Bamboo has a rich history of roles and uses in Asian mythology and culture and is even used in Chinese medicine because of its anti-bacterial properties. 

This universal knitting needle and crochet hook gauge measures approximately 4" x 4" x 1/8". It is larger than my other gauges but still small enough to easily slip into your crafting bag. This tool would make a great gift for a beginning knitter or crocheter but is also extremely useful for a lifelong crafter.  
Because it is made of a natural material, the appearance of each gauge may slightly vary. 

(Please note that crochet hooks with ergonomic handles are often made with larger hook heads than the metric measurement of the shaft and will not work with this gauge: i.e. Clover Soft Touch)

Type: Notions

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