JaMpdx Cake Yarn Bowl


Porcelain bowl and lid are decorated with swirls and scrolls that were piped on using cake-decorating tools and techniques--just like what you would find on a cake! Its glaze gets darker when it pools around the piping decoration. The cut-out curving swirl will guide your yarn out of the bowl, and you can put your needles in the small holes when you are taking a break. Plus, an added bonus of JaMpdx is yarn bowls is that you can use the bowl for anything (soup and ice cream come to mind) when you're between projects.


The bowl by itself measures 5 1/2" across and 3 1/2" tall, and with the lid on the yarn bowl measures 6 1/4" across and 5" tall.


The holes will fit up to size 7 knitting needles, and the large ones up to size 10 needles. The yarn shown here is 100 grams/420 yards of sock yarn--you can see it's an easy fit.

Type: Gifts