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 Kayanna began dabbling in yarn dyeing around 2013 and decided to make a serious go of it in the back room of the brick and mortar yarn shop she opened with Grandma Stitch in 2015. One thing led to another and as of the summer of 2018 we are a full-time dye studio; supplying bright bright a** dramatically speckled yarns to LYSs all over the country. We are truly a small family business, dyeing yarn in our garage studio, we touch each and every skein of yarn many many times and are dedicated to making sure your yarn is the raddest yarn out there. For that reason we're not super fast but we hope that the wait is worth it! We're human and sometimes we mess up but we'll always try to make it right.  

Color is our jam! Each skein is like an individual painting, they're speckled, splashed and soaked in super bright, beautiful colors. We only use professional, high quality acid dyes and food grade citric acid on our yarns. After a super long steam to set the color we allow the yarn to gently cool down, then rinse, rinse and rinse again. Finally the yarn is soaked in our handmade wool wash making it super soft, clean and ready for you to squish. 

We have some really amazing retailers who carry our yarn in their shops, check them out here!


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