Trash of All Sorts - Art Batt Set

By Stitch Together

$ 24.00

Set of mini art batts made with All Sorts of "trash". I don't like to wasted anything so I take all the extras from cleaning the carder, yarn leftovers, etc and blend them up into mini scrap batts. Each set contains enough mini batts to make 3 oz total. The number of batts varies per set. 

Ingredients: ????? It's always a mystery surprise! 
All sorts of wool, firestar, Angelina, yarn scraps, neps, silk, silk noil, sari silk and more!

Weight: mini batts weighing 3 oz total

We try to photograph all fiber to the best of our abilities but different screens can show colors slightly differently. Each batt is a tiny work of art. We do our best to never send out a product we wouldn't be thrilled to work with ourselves! We fully exhaust all dyes before rinsing, rinsing and rinsing some more. However, it's not unusual for super saturated colors to lightly bleed upon the first wash, especially if you use warm or hot water. We always recommend cool water for washing. If you're using a dark color and a light color in the same project we recommend swatching and washing to make sure they work well together. All fibers used in batts are dyed in our studio with the exception of some add-ins like sari silk.