WIP Wednesday

December 16, 2015

Hi all! It's WIP Wednesday again! I counted this morning and I have a total of 9 (NINE!) WIPs on my needles currently. No wonder why it feels like I haven't finished anything in forever. I keep getting excited about yarns and patterns and keep casting on all willy nilly. And no, before you ask, I have not yet finished the brioche cowl from last week. It's getting close though!

So the latest project that I've cast on is a Poet Society Tam. As soon as we unboxed this color of Madeline Tosh Vintage (It's called "Sari") I knew it needed to be a slouchy, romantic hat. It's a match made in yarn-y heaven. 

I think I'm going to use these beautiful handmade bamboo buttons. It's a fast knit so far so I'm hoping I may actually finish something soon! How are everyone's holiday projects coming along? Do you have a lot to finish (or start!)?