WIP Wednesday

March 16, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Hey Stitchers! How's everyone's Spring Break week going? It's been a bit quiet here but we've had some really fun out-of-owners in this week. It's always awesome to meet new people and chat with new stitchers. We even had a young lady knitter (12 - almost 13) stop by today. She was a blast to have in the shop. She's just finishing her very first sock and was so so excited by all of our sock yarn. It was super fun to see her excitement and enthusiasm, it totally made my day! 

But, on to the WIPs for this week. 

Today I started a pair of mukluks out of Schachenmayr Journey, one of our new Summer yarns. It's a really unique super-soft blend of cotton, acrylic & polyamide. This machine-washable, worsted weight yarn has a knitted tube construction, making it stretchy and light. It also makes for great jewelry. I whipped up these bangles this morning in no time. We've got the patterns for these and some hardware kits in the shop. It would also make some really funky, fun friendship bracelets. 

Also on my needles this week is Elijah. He's one arm away from being ready for my son's Easter basket. I'm using Dragonfly Fibers Traveller in color Birch and some random scrappy bits for his sweater. I'd fallen in love with the modification of making him look like he's wearing a sweater by looking through some of the finished projects on Ravelry. I just added a few purl rows at the neck, bottom of sleeves and bottom of the sweater to make it look a little more realistic. 

I did manage to knit his ears on upside down but I think they look ok. It was actually a trick to figure out how to do the 2nd one upside down to match the first one that I did wrong. Oy! I love toys that are knit in one piece with no seaming at all. All of his "pieces" are just picked up from the main body and knit directly on. This makes a really sturdy toy and is way faster since there's almost no finishing work. 

What projects are you in the middle of? I hope you all have a fabulous week! 

Stitch On,